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Amplitude modulation Ingo

The simplest form of amplitude modulation: turn up the volume. That is on "macro" scale. On a very small scale you can wiggle the amplitude of a single wave form. In between those you can change the envelope of a series of wave forms. I'll show a short exploration by example.

Phase Distortion Ingo

Phase distortion was inventend by Casio in the early eighties of last century. It's a special case of phase modulation. The modulator signal and the carrier signal are in sync per cycle. In general phase modulation the don't have to be.

ANS Ingo

Joseph Fourier stated that a signal can be broken down in a series of sine waves. This is the base of ANS, where the opposite is done. The amplitudes of many sine waves of different frequencies are modulated. The results are then added to get one signal.

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POV-Ray Pluck a string Ingo 2021-04-09

This is a short one. Fill a buffer with white noise and go from there.

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Perlin and the Bottle Ingo 2021-04-07

As Wave Terrain Synthesis is an expansion of a wave table, it self can be expanded into tree dimensions. Let's call it Wave Space Synthesis.

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Swing POV-Ray Swing Ingo 2021-04-04

An oscillators creates a periodic signal swinging between a maximum and minimum value. This periodic signal can have many shapes. I created an include file with the basic wave forms. I'll also show two ways to design oscillators with complex wave shapes.

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The sound of Height Fields? Ingo:

The sound of POV-Ray? Ingo:

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