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Include files

Markov Chains:
Include file to run Markov Chains of nth order.
Last update: Initial version.
Curves and Splines:
Include file for the interpolation of various curves and splines
Last update: Fixed TCB bug. Some additions, some refactoring.
Audio synthesis:
Include files to make sound with POV-Ray.
Last update:
added Amplitude Modulation examples and ADSR include file
Pigment manipulation:
Functions to modify pigments or other functions.
Last update: rewrite and scene added
Mesh Maker Macros:
Macros for making mesh.
Last update: changes to the u- and v resolution
These macro's are here just for history. In a slightly altered form they are available in the standard POV-Ray distribution
Sun position:
These macro's are here just for history. Sunpos is available in the standard POV-Ray distribution. In the zip are also two includes by Stephen Parke with added functionality, based on sunpos.

Scene files

Header images:
The scene files for the header images of the articles, regulary updated when new articles arrive


POV-Ray syntax high-lighter: povsdl2html
Converts a POV-Ray scene or include file to a html file
Last update: updated to support code up to POV-Ray 3.8 beta xx